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Hi guys!

So, in response to some asks I’ve gotten, I decided that I would release the first scene of the game as a sort of demo.

It’s not very long and it hasn’t been beta’d - it’s literally just a little look at the game so you can try it out and have a little explore. Hopefully you’ll all still want to play the game once it’s over (ha!)

The demo will end when you decide to drive to the house in the Impala.

How to play:

  • Download this .exe file from my dropbox (note: Chrome may refer to the file as malicious and ask for your permission to download it - it does this for most .exe file extensions, and the game will not harm your pc in any way)
  • Run the application and, when prompted, extract to a file location of your choice
  • Open the newly extracted file and run the “game” application
  • It should now be up and running. Have fun!

You can find the credits for the demo here



EDIT: The Dropbox link no longer works due to the amount of traffic it received.

The demo can now be downloaded from 4shared here! Thank you so much uwu

Hello people, play this please and be more excited for it than ever, okay thank you, bye.

Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies,
Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit, I. [x


so here’s a fun story about this movie. guess who loves this movie? me! i do! i love this movie. i love this movie so much that when i was in the 7th grade and i saw “first wives club 2” on pay per view i was like: HELL YEAH!! FIRST WIVES CLUB TWO!! NO ONE TOLD ME THERE WAS A SEQUEL!!!

here’s the synopsis for first wives club 2:

disgruntled first wives take their ex-husbands’ new lovers under their wing.

sounds great, right? awesome viewing material for a precocious 11-year-old.

so i buy this movie, and like, three minutes into it i’m starting to feel suspicious?? like it’s really low quality and my girls are nowhere in sight?? how come none of the first wives are the same?? how come they’re alone in a bedroom with mood lighting?? why is she taking off her shirt?? why are they both taking off their shirts?? WHY ARE THEY—

here’s what i did not know about first wives club 2:

  • it is a lesbian porno of no relation to the beloved 1996 classic.

so of course i, horrified that i’ve accidentally bought porn on my family’s account (and in that state of panic that kids work themselves into whenever anything regarding sex is mentioned), quickly shut off the TV and go upstairs and watch an episode of veggie tales to like, cleanse my soul and apologize to jesus, and that’s that.


  • you have to pay for pay per view.

so the end of the month comes and i have completely put this incident out of my mind, haha, i accidentally bought porn, how funny, TELL NO ONE. right? and i’m sitting at a nice dinner with my mother, my stepfather, and my very religious aunt deb, and we’re just talking about farm things, whatever, when suddenly my mother puts her fork down and says, “okay, there’s something we need to discuss. as a family.”


and i’m like, running through a list of people i know who could conceivably be dead, and fantasizing about my mother announcing that she’s going to buy me My Own Computer Just Because U Earned It Kiddo, and she pulls out a piece of paper that says DIRECTV across the top. and i’m like: OH NO.

"i received the tv bill today," my mother said, and i was like, shoveling potatoes into my mouth as fast as i could because i knew that when i went to PORN PRISON they weren’t going to feed me this kind of quality starch. "does anybody want to tell me who purchased the pornography?"

as a reminder, a quick table survey:

  • my mother, surprised and disappointed by the porn bill (innocent)
  • my stepfather, a grumbly old cowboy who just wants to sing along to kenny chesney and watch the hunt for red october (innocent)
  • my aunt deb, a super religious catholic whose best friend is a nun named Sister Placid (innocent)
  • me, the 11-year-old with a mouthful of potatoes who definitely purchased the lesbian pornography


my mother said, “i’m not going to ask again.”



my mother shook her head and put the bill down. “this was incredibly inappropriate,” she said. “skip, deb, whoever. buy that shit on your own time. i’m not paying for it. what if molly had seen it?”


"don’t expose my kid to that crap."

  • DON’T
  • MY KID

"if you want to watch porn, fine, but do it in private and don’t expect me to pay for it. i can’t believe one of you did that in the living room."


but molly, why didn’t you own up to it and explain that it was an accident?

  • are you fucking kidding
  • i did not want to go to porn prison

the fun conclusion to this story is that i never owned up to it, which means that there are 3 people in the world who have not solved the mystery of the lesbian porn. a quick survey:

  • my mother, who lives every day wondering whose porn she paid for
  • my stepfather, who probably wishes he knew less about his wife’s sister’s porn preferences
  • my aunt, who probably wishes she knew less about her sister’s husband’s porn preferences

but molly, why don’t you own up to it now, with the safety of time and distance and the knowledge that porn prison isn’t real?

  • are you fucking kidding
  • this is the best thing i’ve ever done

Happy birthday Misha, who’s the most adorable dad in the world (◡‿◡✿) A 40 year old isn’t supposed to be this cute, you know, but being an actor, a dad to two children, a wonderful husband and the nicest person in the world, I’m so glad to come across you as an inspiration and someone I aim to be in my life. You’re the same as everyone else, a normal human being, but what makes you so special to me as a famous actor is that you do things not only for yourself but also for lots and lots of other people, and that’s the reason why I love you so much and why I aspire to be someone like you. Breaking world records for good causes, giving out coffee to people lining up for comic con; these are just little, little things compared to how much good you’ve done for us fans and the world. Seeing you smile is what makes me smile, so please continue to be the perfect Misha Collins and I hope you had the happiest 40th birthday.


“The hell is wrong with this thing?” Dean asked angrily.  He squinted down at the ancient looking fax machine which was beeping pitifully.  He couldn’t see the papers he had inserted into the feeder tray and he could only assume that they were jammed inside of the silly old contraption.  He let out an exasperated sigh.  It was his second day on the job and he was fucking shit up massively already.  

“Fuckin’ fax machine.  Who the hell uses fax machines anyway…what is this, the 1980’s?” he muttered below his breath.  He was suddenly aware of someone standing next to him.  When he turned to his right, he flushed.  It was the Office Manager, Castiel.  He was staring at him, a mixture of curiosity and amusement plain on his face.  He watched as Castiel breached his personal space and reached forward, fiddling with the machine.  

“I’ve found that…giving it a gentle tap helps,” he murmured in his strange, gravelly voice.

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Inspired by [x] and [x]

because I really like this episode: Supernatural 9.07 Bad Boys
"You get one shot at this game, Dean, and when you look in the mirror, you want the guy looking back at you to be his own man."



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Anonymous asked: Could you write a fic about human!Cas and Dean going to a museum? And Cas being mesmerized by a painting and Dean realizing as he looks at Cas he falls in love with him?

Author’s note: I got this request a while ago, but this prompt really stuck with me, and I finally got around to writing it. :) Enjoy!

“Cas? Hey, what are you doing there, buddy? Did you find anything that could help us?”

Dean walked up to where Cas was having a very intense staring contest with… A painting.

They were working on a case at a museum where a woman had died a mysterious death, and Dean and Castiel were supposed to look around for things that could be considered suspicious, while Sam interrogated the janitor.

Cas didn’t acknowledge Dean until Dean put a hand on his shoulder.

“No, Dean… It has nothing to do with the case. I simply got distracted, I apologize.” Cas muttered, cheeks turning endearingly pink.

Dean frowned as he let his hand slip from Cas’ shoulder, his eyes following Cas’ gaze to the painting.

It was nothing special, if you asked Dean. Obviously, Dean wasn’t exactly an art-specialist… But still, the painting that Cas seemed so fascinated by looked like a pointless mess, in Dean’s humble opinion. Whatever the artist had painted was unrecognizable, as if someone had randomly spilled a few tubes of paint on the canvas. There were messy streaks of black and blue, interrupted by the occasional stray dot of yellow or white. Dean guessed that this one was what people referred to as ‘abstract’.

“Ehm… You got distracted by this thing?” Dean asked, quirking an eyebrow at Cas, even though the former angel was still not paying him any mind.

“Yes, Dean.” Castiel responded in the deep, calm voice that always put Dean at ease, no matter the situation they were in. “It’s beautiful. If you look closely, you can see how it represents the universe. The stars, and the moons, and the planets… It reminds me of what it looked like from up-close, back when I was still…”

Cas fell silent, his pink lips pressing together in a thin line as he seemingly relived a distant memory.

Suddenly, Dean felt small. Small and insignificant, as he was reminded with whom he was actually dealing. It was so easy to forget that his now-human best friend had once been an angel, a powerful creature that had probably seen every corner of the universe.

A nearly imperceptible sigh slipped past Cas’ plush lips.

“Sometimes I miss it, Dean. And this painting… It brought back some memories.” Cas murmured, reaching out a hand to not quite touch the canvas with his fingertips.

Dean was no longer watching the painting, or even trying to understand what Cas saw there. Instead he was studying Cas’ face, the way he frequently did whenever he was sure that Castiel wasn’t watching him. The too-bright artificial light in the room made that the blue and yellow of the painting was faintly reflected in the fallen angel’s deep blue eyes. Dean’s heart fluttered unexplainably.

“I’ve seen stars being born, and I’ve seen them die… I always took it for granted.” Cas said softly, eyes never leaving the painting. “I guess what they say is true after all… You don’t truly know what you have until you lose it.”

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