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N° 7 in the series “my little random moments of pleasure” - SN: 10x03


Offer me that DEATHLESS death

"Two shots here, and he’ll have something fancy with your tiniest umbrella."


Anonymous asked: Amnesic!Cas, Dean being the caring, patient boyfriend or husband supporting him through it all, helping Cas to recover the memories they made together & if maybe you could squeeze in his mom somewhere bc I love to see them interact, in which Dean that’s always the strong one, breaks for a moment & cries telling her how much it hurts to have the love of his life forget him & their life & Dean tells her what Cas means to him & she comforts him. Happy fluffy end with Cas remembering pls

Author’s note: Starts off a little sad, but has the happy, fluffy ending that you requested. ;)

Dean didn’t like it, the peculiar way in which Cas was looking at him every so often from the other side of the couch. Looking at him with some kind of misplaced awe. Looking at him with the kind of adoration that was all wrong. As if Dean was a real catch. As if Cas had just now won some sort of prize, and was lucky enough to be here with Dean, even though it was their apartment. Their home, that they’d bought together.

Normally, Dean felt flattered when Cas looked at him like that, but it was different now. Different, because Cas didn’t even remember him. Didn’t remember anything, including his feelings for Dean. There was no question that he only stared at Dean in that manner because he thought that Dean was good-looking, not because he actually cared about Dean.

“I’m sorry, Dean… I’m afraid none of these pictures bring back any memories.” Cas sighed and closed the heavy photo album in his lap, glancing up at Dean to once again give him that look that made Dean nauseous.

Dean’s heart throbbed painfully in sheer disappointment, but he tried to hide it, not wanting to upset Cas.

“It’s fine, ba- I mean, Cas. It’s totally fine.” Dean assured, hastily correcting himself when the term of endearment that he usually used on Cas nearly slipped out. “The doctor said it might take a while for your memories to come back, Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Castiel smiled meekly, his eyes betraying that he felt guilty, even though none of this was Cas’ fault.

It was no one’s fault really, it had been a stupid accident. Castiel had slipped in the shower and hit his head, hard. Dean’s relief when the doctor had told him that Cas was going to be alright had been immense. However what Dean hadn’t been prepared for, was the moment when Cas had regained consciousness and had asked Dean “Who are you?

After three days of staying at the hospital, Cas was finally home again. But now everything felt awkward, and Dean wasn’t sure how to handle it. He had missed Castiel deeply, but now that Cas was here, he didn’t know how to act. He wanted to kiss Cas. Wanted to tell Cas that he loved him, and how much he had missed him. He wanted to hold Cas close and never let him go…

But none of that seemed quite acceptable when Castiel didn’t even know who Dean was. All Cas knew was the stuff that Dean had told him, and nothing more. They had gone through pictures of them and both their families for hours to try and trigger some memories, but to no avail.

“I think I’m going to get some rest, Dean. It seems that these pain meds are making me tired.” Cas muttered, smiling apologetically as he got up from the couch.

Dean nodded in understanding, noticing the dark circles under Castiel’s eyes. “Of course… Why don’t you take our bed, and I’ll take the bed in the spare room.”

Cas tilted his head to show his confusion. “Why would you do that? We’ve been together for six years, correct? Wait… Does our relationship have… Issues? Do we often sleep separately?”

The weirdness of the entire situation made Dean laugh briefly, even though he was nowhere near amused.

“We do have issues, don’t we?” Cas asked, seeming mortified.

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